Training event testimonials

Read some testimonials from advisers who have attended our free monthly training events

The breakfast and lunch on both days was a great personal touch, the skill and professionalism of the presenters in handling multiple interruptions and still covering the content they did, was impressive.

Paul Hayes, February 2020

Having the course spread out over 2 days was extremely helpful, so that we could have time dedicated to the processing side of things. The course was extremely informative, the presenters were very patient, the responses were very clear, and overall it was exactly what I needed to help me forge the way forward with my new Will & Estate Planning business. Particularly wanted to thank Louise and James. You were both very patient with us all, and very clear and knowledgeable with your answers and the information
you provided. You clearly know your stuff. Thank you both.

Neil King, April 2019

I found the training to be very informative and provided a lot of disucssion and content which makes me feel more confident with advising and talking about the needs for Wills and Trusts

Peter Richardson, May 2018

The refresher course is a must for those wishing to increase their income in respect of Life/CIC sales as well as earning more from accurately advising clients iro Wills/Trusts and combining the advice given in both areas to provide a fully rounded professional advisory service whilst also generating more prospective clients in the form of trustees/executors and guardians and enhancing professionalism in the eyes of the clients/prospects. If you are serious don’t turn down the opportunity to attend.

Chris Seery, January 2018

Incredibly useful. As a new person to this sort of service, I was pleased with the information and help received on the day. Will is quite outstanding and so knowledgeable, patient and informative… I just wish we had longer as I could have carried on and on!

Neil Hudson, January 2018

Anybody advising clients in financial services on a one- to -one basis, must surely get themselves well- appraised of the core messages of a course such as this?

It will certainly unlock doors for future prime referrals and new business, and will get the job done in a professional manner …with no loose ends; surely an extremely effective sales tool for any life assurance salesman or IFA looking to increase their client base and income levels.

FCA ‘Treating Customers Fairly’ outcomes may apply if clients are amassing wealth by savings, legacy, life policies, lottery and premium windfalls etc. and an adviser is professionally engaged and does not at least discuss Wills. Discretionary Trust, Interest in Possession Trusts and LPAs and record that discussion.

If clients now decline this type of estate planning advice, and we are professionally engaged, in future, we will be getting a signed and dated disclaimer in the file to cover our firm in this regard, to avoid a legal assault by a claim lawyer if the worst happens, as they will certainly cite every ‘visible party’ in the chain of events for a negligence claim which may or may not be covered by the scope of a PI cover; either way it is to be avoided.

Mike Kellett, January 2018

Very useful course, covered lots of ground and clarified many areas. I would like to delve deeper if more time was available

Paul Holman, October 2017